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On August 21st, 2020, the Drug Enforcement Agency dropped its rules for implementation of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (AKA 2018 Farm Bill).  As expected, this set of rules carries some large implications for the cannabis industry, particularly for the production of CBD.  
In this analysis, we simplify the rules set forth, offer some key analysis, and present our official comments to the DEA. 

Considering the importance and impact these rules will have, we spent a considerable amount of time diving into these regulations and supplementary guidelines that were published on October 31st, 2019 on the Federal Register. These rules are open for comment for a period of time and we felt it necessary to present this analysis and breakdown in a logical, readable format. We hope our work on this document will help clarify and guide the conversation in what changes the USDA should adopt and what the industry can do to prepare for these new rules. 

This is a long document because we wanted it to be as thorough as possible. We've included links to the Federal Register publication and supplementary testing and sampling guidelines put forward by the USDA. We also welcome your comments. Find us on our social media links below or send us a message on our CONTACT page. 

We had the privilege of sharing some of our research and analysis on the dangers, potential issues, various testing methods, current and future testing methodologies, and potential technological advancements for testing and analyzing microbial contaminants in CBD products. We have re-published it here for reference. As always, we welcome your comments through our social media links below, or via our CONTACT page. 

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