Mycotoxin Contamination

Toxins Detected:
Aflatoxin B1
Aflatoxin B2
Aflatoxin G1
Aflatxoin G2
Ochratoxin A

Liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) is utilized to analyze and quantify mycotoxins in various sample matrices. Mycotoxins are detected down to parts per billion (PPB).

Minimum Sample Size Requirements:
3 grams, 3 units or 3 mL

Collection Container Requirements:
Clean and spill proof container such as sealable mylar bag or a screw top vial or test tube.

Turn Around Time:
7 business days from receipt of sample

Mycotoxin Contamination

  • Toxins produced by fungi like Aspergillus niger can pose serious health risks. They can also be an indicator that storage conditions may not have been dry enough. Let us screen your sample for the 5 of the most common mycotoxins.