Moisture Content


The MOC63u Moisture Analyzer determines the mass percentage of moisture contained in a sample via loss of weight by drying. The unit consists of a balance, combined with a drying chamber located above the balance, which is heated to a prescribed temperature by a programmed temperature profile. A halogen lamp is the heat source. The sample mass is continuously monitored for water evaporation 


Minimum Sample Size Requirements:

Dry Plant Material – 2 grams 


Collection Container Requirements:

Clean container such as sealable mylar bag or a screw top vial or test tube.

Moisture Content

  • A low moisture content is key to avoiding bacterial or fungal contamination, and ensuring a good, shelf stabile product. We can quickly and accurately give you the moisture content of your plant sample.  

    This test is included with any cannabinoid profile and potency and is only performed on plant material.