Genetic Sex Test

DNA was extracted from the germinated hemp cotyledons or mature leaf and then tested by a multiplexed qPCR for specific DNA sequence targeting a portion of the Y Chromosome specific to male plants. An internal control is used to verify DNA extraction process. Each run contains a non-template negative control as well as a positive control for male associated DNA.

Minimum Sample Size Requirements:
One intact leaf from second set of true leaves

Collection Container Requirements:
Clean container such as sealable mylar bag or a screw top vial or test tube.

Turn Around Time:
2-5 business days from receipt of sample

Genetic Sex Test

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  • When developing a new cultivar or growing out your mother stock, the worst thing that can happen is a male plant sneaking by undetected and pollinating the whole batch. Let us save you time and money and detect your males as soon as they sprout.  

    Add a genetic plant test after you’ve done a seed germination rate analysis to get a picture of seed stock sex ratios.